Tank Fill Service

Tank fills near New Burn, NCDivin' Dawgs Scuba is your source for Gas Services.  Whether you need air, nitrox or custom O2 fills up to 100%, Heliox or Trimix, our state of the art fill station is ready for you.

Tank Fill Pricing

Single Air Fills

Starting @ $5.00

 </= 80cuft

$5.00 each

> 80cuft

$6.00 each

Baker's Dozen Air Cards Most Popular

Save $$$

 </= 80cuft

$50.00 each 

> 80cuft

$60.00 each 

Nitrox Fills

Starting @ $0.12/cuft


.12 cents a cuft

Custom Blends up to 40%

.30 cents a cuft

O2 Fills

Up to 100%

.40 cents a cuft

Tech Gas

Heliox & Trimix


Market Price


Market Price